€3.32 Waterloo Uniforms. 1.British Cavalry
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                                                                                              Waterloo Uniforms. 1.British Cavalry

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                                                                                              Manufacturer:Waterloo Uniforms. 1.British Cavalry
                                                                                              Art.No: British Light Cavalary
                                                                                              Unit: unit
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                                                                                              Waterloo Uniforms. 1.British Cavalry
                                                                                              91 MB
                                                                                              Publisher: Historical Research Unit 1973 | 95 Pages | ISBN: 0901621153 | PDF | 91 MB

                                                                                              Every moment of the Waterloo campaign, from the Duchess of Richmond's ball, on the evening of 15 June 1815, to the flight of the Emperor Napoleon from the field of battle three days later, has been examined and dissected by historians with microscopic detail.

                                                                                              One aspect of the subject has, however, received less than its fair share of attention. Up to date, no serious study of the uniforms, arms, and equipment of the British regiments which took part in the campaign, has been available to the reading public. The standard history of the uniforms of the British Army, owing to the recent death of its author, ends its section on cavalry some years short of this most famous of British victories.

                                                                                              In 1815 there were no written dress regulations; but in this book, the first of a series, contem­porary orders and inspection reports, references found in contemporary newspapers, letters and diaries and information gleaned from paintings, drawings and prints, have been assembled and arranged in the format used in later dress regu­lations. The reader may now see, at a glance, the stage which modern scholarship on the subject has reached. In addition to the regi­mental sections, there are others on weapons and equipment, as well as some basic informa­tion on cavalry formations and movements — information difficult to obtain in a compact form when required.

                                                                                              Numerous illustrations of items from public and private sources, many previously un­published, support the text, whose findings are summarised in a series of coloured schemae of those regiments present during the campaign, arranged in their respective brigades. 
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